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Gift Shop & Service - Customized Gift Boxes, Novelty Gift Boxes, no matter the occasion...our Gift Boxes are one of a kind. 

Select from our Unique "Already Boxed Gift Boxes" or give us your specifications of how you would like to Box the PERFECT GIFT!

No matter the occasion, celebration or just a gift of LOVE we will assist.

Just before the 2020 Pandemic hit S.A. my business partner and I both got retrenched and had to make a plan and instead of seeing the dark cloud....we grabbed the silver lining and use our creative ability to make others smile and Celebrate with...So we Boxed the idea and ever since had a reason to celebrate with our Clients EVERYDAY!

Leslie Fourie picture

Leslie Fourie


•Director: Leslie Fourie 20+ years’ experience in Advertising Media, Operations and Entertainment Industry and a true understanding of creating a gift that personal, beautiful with an unique touch, the gifting selection and pairing thereof is like a second nature for him. 

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Martin Swart

General Manager

20+ years' experience in Food & Beverage and Entertainment Industry and a natural flair to Design and create the most magnificent creations and decorations, the team treasure Martin as a Gift to the business

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